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Donna Tyson


Donna’s inspiring new presentation is birthed from her recent battle with an aggressive Triple Negative Breast Cancer in 2014.    Donna shares tangible lessons for raising both our personal and professional standards to display love and enthusiasm in our day to day communication and teamwork. Your faith will be kindled anew and your spirit refreshed as Donna shares the powerful life lessons she learned on this journey to healing.


This inspiring keynote address is based on Donna’s popular children’s book by the same name, The Red Bow.  Donna uses a clever acrostic to address the important topics of pride, work/life balance, positive communication, and living with passion.  Attendees walk away inspired to start each day with a positive attitude and eager to make a difference!  



Donna’s most popular presentation is an energizing and emotional session dealing with the importance of establishing “balance” and prioritizing. She identifies the six spokes of Life’s Balance Wheel as Career, Social, Physical, Financial, Spiritual, and Emotional.  If you are in a position of taking care of so many others that you have stopped taking care of yourself, this seminar is for you.


This dynamic presentation is a fast moving, upbeat session focusing on the importance of a positive attitude when facing tough times.  Actual techniques are shared for learning to turn potential crisis situations into opportunities, accepting responsibility for your actions, being a team player and using positive action-oriented communication in your daily routine.  Guaranteed to lift your spirits and inspire you to tackle the challenges ahead with a smile.


How easy it is to get caught up in the pace of life and forget that we are here for a purpose.  This exciting presentation stresses the importance of a positive attitude and taking responsibility for your own growth, both personally and professionally.  Emphasis is placed on the fact that we are all interconnected and that we each have a responsibility to make sure that the world is a better place because we have lived. This is an excellent presentation for volunteers, team building and youth.


This powerful presentation explores the psychological stages of adapting to change and offers exciting new techniques for dealing with both corporate and personal change in a positive productive way. Participants will identify problems in dealing with change and learn strategies for using change as a positive catalyst in their lives rather than viewing themselves as “victims”.  Specific attention is given to communication skills, work life balance, redefining goals, teamwork, and maintaining a positive attitude.


When you decide to end the limbo and begin moving forward in a positive direction with your life, one of the toughest lessons is learning to “Let Go and Let God”. This dynamic presentation teaches you to recognize the negative influences in your life that are holding you back from being your best and gives specific steps for redefining your goals and refocusing your energy.  Attendees are inspired to open their hearts and minds and once again claim a life full of gratitude, joy, and abundance.  


A powerful presentation that compares the wave’s natural cycle to crest and ebb to those comparable cycles in our professional and personal lives.  Focus is given to the issues and events that can encourage productivity and help create momentum as well as to those things that can cause us to “crash”.  Ideas are shared for dealing with the powerful “undertow” of negativity and stress so that we can rebuild and go further than we have ever gone before!


This powerful seminar creates a new awareness for all in attendance of their individual roles in serving customers.  The importance of a positive attitude and professional image is stressed throughout the seminar.  Create powerful first impressions by assessing your actual work environment, procedures, and non-verbal signals.  Learn techniques for greeting customers, dealing with complaints, effective follow-up, and providing “value-added” service.  Telephone skills can be included upon request.


Positive action-oriented communication skills are critical to success in both our personal and professional lives.  This seminar looks at various styles and methods of communication including NLP and non-verbal body language.  Other topics addressed include toxic phrases, communication barriers, assertive versus aggressive behavior, labeling, and the power of a handshake.


This intriguing seminar awakens the intellect and inspires the heart with a fascinating study of the spider and the creation of it’s web.  The parallel to our life and the “web we weave” with our actions, contacts, and words is unforgettable. This presentation includes Donna’s popular talk “The Gift of Today” and is packed with great ideas for taking control of the quality of one’s personal and professional life.


This powerful session stresses the importance of creating a value-driven organization where commitment and enthusiasm flourish.  People cannot be handled like paper.  They must be recognized and motivated to feel part of a larger vision and/or mission.  A fascinating clarification test demonstrates how our hidden values impact our communication and cooperation with others.


A successful organization is built on solid principals of integrity, trust, communication, and exceptional customer service.  In order to raise the bar of excellence in your organization, you must re-ignite the passion and positive attitudes of your employees. The first place to start is with you! This dynamic presentation will provide tools for an improved Attitude, Aptitude, and Atmosphere. Attendees will be inspired to step up to their highest potential personally and professionally.

All presentations can be personalized to include specific topics of interest and/or conference themes.

Discount available for all presentations held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area.